New Rate Card Released
March 25, 2012

Synaxis Media Rate Card - Our New Product Rate Card released. 

December 01, 2008
The Opulence – the Largest Outdoor LED Screen in the Middle East, Europe and Africa – commences operations, ready to dominate the city's advertising scene.

Abu Dhabi. IT BEGINS. Branded as the largest LED Screen this side of the world, the Opulence was unveiled on 1 December 2008, and is now ready to dominate the city's advertising scene. Sitting on top of the Fotouh Al Khair Shopping Center (Marks & Spencer), on Airport Road, the Opulence shines forth its digital technology, beaming colossal images and advertisements across the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The Opulence measures 28 by 8 meters (length by height), or 224 square meters. With its 16.7 million-color display, it can house both static and full motion advertisements visible even from a kilometer distance. The Opulence is built to withstand all weather conditions and programmed to function for as long as 20 hours daily.

With all the latest technology packed in the Opulence, it is easy to pass judgment of how costly it is to be seen on it. But its low rates are just as startling and jaw-dropping as its size.

For an estimated 300 000 AED, an advertisement is guaranteed to be seen 600 times a day for a duration of one month. That's a whopping 18 000 times in one month!

For roughly the same amount of money, advertisers will only be able to get one or two non-prime time spots on a local television channel; or a mere four to five insertions on the prime pages of a well-known newspaper.

"The more we sail through rough economic waters, the more we should be compelled to look for safe shores," says Fahad Al Absi, Managing Director of Synaxis Media, the company behind this masterpiece. "That's where the Opulence promises to take you. It begins with allowing advertisers to stretch their smaller budgets while still attaining a wider reach and creating a larger impact. In the long run, we foresee an active advertising arena that no instability can shackle."

Asked if the Opulence, like the New York Times Square digital billboards, is open to personal advertisements such as wedding proposals, birthday greetings, and whatnot, Al Absi answers, "Absolutely! We will allot slots for personal greetings. And we will make sure that the cost for this is within the buying powers of interested individuals. Synaxis Media wants to be a part of UAE citizens' celebrations and contribute to make them even more special and memorable."

The Opulence is a milestone set by Abu Dhabi-based Synaxis Media, the largest Out-of-Home media company in the Gulf. It is the company's way of contributing to the 2030 economic vision of the Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development (ADCED) of transforming the Emirates into an international economic hub.

The Era of Opulence is right, here right now.

November 02, 2008
What happens when the largest digital out-of-home media company in the Gulf becomes even larger? Advertisers win of course.

HUMONGOUS. COLOSSAL. GIGANTIC. That's what Synaxis Media has become. The largest digital out-of-home media company in the Gulf has just become larger with the recent expansion of media to Marina Mall – the largest shopping mall in Abu Dhabi city.

The addition of Marina Mall to Synaxis Media's current media locations (Abu Dhabi Mall, Al Wahda Mall, Al Mariah and Al Jimi Mall in Al Ain) balloons the company's total footfall – the total number of people that come to the malls and see the advertisements playing on the media screens – to six million people. Yes, you read it right, six million people. That's like the entire population of the UAE being able to see your advertisement.

One ad. Six million viewers, who just happen to be in a buying mood. That's definitely an advertiser's wet dream. And it's one that can only be provided by Synaxis Media.

"The media industry in the Middle East continues to grow at an impressive rate," says Fahad Al Absi, Managing Director of Synaxis Media. "More and more media companies are mushrooming. More and more outdoor media spaces are being set up. The challenge for us is how to deliver better value to our clients. By continuing to expand our coverage area, we are able to provide more relevant touch points, more ways for our clients to talk to their consumers."

Indeed. Synaxis Media will be introducing over a hundred media screens to Marina Mall – setting up a mixture of Digital Posters, 360 Screens, Interactive Wall and Floor SFX and different sizes of LED Video screens along the mall's atriums and pathways, in the food court and around the famous fountain area.

Digital Posters are eight-foot high structures that can play motion graphics for the cost of a poster; the 360 Screens are cylindrical structures with rotating 50" screens. And the Interactive Screens are, well, interactive. All the media screens are equipped with the latest pixel-technology, giving advertisements full color fidelity and high visibility.

Driven to provide better value, the Synaxis Media continues to expand and grow – expanding in size to increase footfall and, ultimately, advertiser sales. "The next stop will be the streets of Abu Dhabi," claims Al Absi. "We are looking at digital outdoor media that will be highly visible at all hours, all conditions. We want our clients' advertisements to be seen by every walking, talking, breathing resident of the UAE."

Maximum exposure, it seems, requires minimum effort – just contact Synaxis Media.

November 01, 2008
The future can now be seen. No, it does not involve peering into crystal balls. No, it does not require virgin sacrifices, or all sorts of voodoo and mumbo jumbo.

Seeing the future is as simple as taking a trip to the Signage Imaging & Media Expo - better known as SIM 2008 - at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC), on 25 – 27 November. Here, Synaxis Media, together with some of the region's leading communication companies, will be presenting the future of media and outdoor advertising in the Gulf.

Synaxis Media is the Gulf's largest digital out-of-home media company, and is also SIM's Digital Media Platinum Sponsor.

By being sponsors and helping make the SIM possible, Synaxis Media is slowly bringing to life the 2030 vision of the Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development (ADCED) of transforming the capital into an international media and economic hub.

Currently, the out-of-home media scene in the Middle East is one of the most buoyant in the world. And as the retail industry continues to grow and expand, there'll be an even greater demand for out-of-home media.

However, a great percentage of advertisers are still in the dark regarding out-of-home media. "How do I effectively use out-of-home media?" "What are the best and current practices?" "Which media companies can give them the best value and the biggest coverage?"

One of SIM's definite-must-must-must!-meet media providers is Synaxis Media. It is the company that has brought some of the most innovative media solutions to the UAE: the Digital Poster, the poster space that plays all video, animation and graphic standard formats; the Opulence, the largest LED Screen in Middle East, Europe and Africa, and where advertisements can be see from a kilometer away. Moreover, since the company's media solutions are found in all of the city's biggest malls, advertisements can be seen by almost six million people monthly.

In fact, according to the recent 2008 findings of Target Group Index, mall advertising is the number one most effective form of outdoor advertising in the UAE.

The most innovative media solutions + unique mall location + the widest coverage = Great Value! No, no, make that the bestest value. The I-can't-get-this-anywhere-else-in-the-world value.

So when advertisers are drooling of a tomorrow where their brand messages can be seen by millions, or when their sales can go beyond expectations…when they can already imagine their future promotions…they need to know only one media company, and one telephone number: Synaxis Media. +971 2 403 7888.

October 01, 2008
Synaxis Media unveiled two new outdoor LED Screens – the future stars in the Abu Dhabi outdoor advertising scene – on the opening night of the Middle East International Film Festival.

Abu Dhabi. On the night of the Middle East International Film Festival (MEIFF), the citizens of Abu Dhabi city were not only awe struck by the glamour of the Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet, but also by the brightness and clarity of the two new stars of outdoor advertising: the Outdoor Digital Poster and the Outdoor 360 LED Screen.

Synaxis Media – one of the main sponsors of the MEIFF that helped bring international filmmakers to Abu Dhabi to further develop the local film industry – launched these two outdoor LED screens with the aim of further helping advertisers reach their target consumers.

The Outdoor Digital Poster is an eight-foot high structure with a 94 by 54cm screen that plays both static and moving images. These media spaces get their name from the fact that they can run advertising campaigns for the price of a poster.

The Outdoor 360 LED Screen, on the other hand, is an eight-foot high cylindrical structure with a 50" screen wrapped around it. Here, advertisements rotate along the circular screen, and thus, when the structure is placed at the center of a room, the advertisement can be viewed from all around. Moreover, the 360 LED Screen is a versatile one as it can be split into two 180-degree (semi circle) screens. Thus, advertisers have the option of either playing one advertisement that plays on the whole screen, or two advertisements on two half screens.

Both Outdoor LED Screens are equipped with the latest pixel-technology, allowing advertisements to have great visibility under all weather conditions, even during the bright hours of the afternoon.

"Traditional media is not enough to engage today's mobile consumer," says Fahad Al Absi, Managing Director of Synaxis Media. "With traditional media, consumers can switch the channel or turn the page. Digital out-of-home media makes it possible to engage the target market while they are out and about, living their daily lives. We believe our new outdoor LED Screens can make a difference."

Synaxis Media is the largest digital out-of-home media company in the Gulf. The innovative media spaces of this Abu Dhabi-based company can be found in Abu Dhabi Mall, Al Wahda Mall, Al Mariah and Al Jimi Mall.

With such a wide and extensive media coverage combined with the brightness and clarity of their media screens, Synaxis Media is proving to be the region's brightest star in digital out-of-home media.