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We’re not a picky bunch. We happily offer our digital media services to everyone and anyone. Whether you’re a local company or an international conglomerate, a government office or an artistic-cultural agency, and heck, you can even be a Martian or an unnamed thing from the depths of the ocean floor, if you need to advertise and get your brand message effectively across the UAE, then let’s talk.

You can email us at or call +971 2 403 7888 and ask for any of our Sales team members.

Contacts & Emails

P.O. Box : 36771
1303, Al Masood Tower,
Najda Street, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
T: +971 24037888 F: +971 2 6763090

Partners & Affiliates

We are not alone in our battle for the consumers’ attention. Meet our allies:

Emirates Synaxis Holding – Our mother company. Emirates Synaxis Holdings is one of the most respected and prominent players in the UAE. Emirates Synaxis Holdings has been continually investing in key growth areas around the world, from Infrastructure Development to the Energy Industry to Finance IT to Construction, Media & Advertising to EPC to Oil & Gas.

If you need more information about the Gulf’s largest digital out-of-home media company, or perhaps would like an interview with a member of the Management team, then please email: