Located along the entrance and exit ways of the underground parking area of Marina Mall are several large Backlit Wall Mounts. These static banners are almost as large as an SUV, and definitely can’t be missed by consumers. These spaces are perfect for branding and long-term campaigns.

    Size : 900cm (w) x 300cm (h)

    Artwork Specifications




    These Backlit Banners are to be found on the basement entrance to Carrefour. And since these banners are near a foreign exchange, and several food outlets, they receive a lot of attention from those waiting in line. An ideal location indeed.

    Size: 120cm (w) x 180cm (h)

    Artwork Specifications (PDF)



    The wise advertise here! Located on the Ground Floor of Marina Mall, beside the entrance, ATMs and escalators leading to Carrefour and IKEA, are these three Mupis.
    This area receives the most traffic, and is surrounded by benches, where lots of families await.

    Size : 120cm (w) x 180cm (h)

    Artwork Specifications



    Also called the Fantastic Four! This is a series of poster-sized wall media spaces that’s located on escalator area leading from the parking into the mall. The AO Wall Mount is, indeed, a great bargain!



Due to the backlighting, advertisements seem to glow amidst the grayness of the carpark.

Capture the consumers’ minds the moment they step out of their cars. Located in key areas in the second level parking of Abu Dhabi Mall, this pair of large wall-mounted media spaces gets as much as 350 000 looks a week. And what’s more, since they are backlit, the advertisements seem to glow amidst all the grayness of the parking area. Advertisements placed here can attract consumers from almost as far as twenty-five feet away.



The combination of unique positioning and backlighting create a “wow” factor for your advertisement!

The younger brother of the above W90L Wall Mount. These backlit Wall Mounts are slightly smaller in size but are equally effective in attracting the consumers’ attention. These Wall Mounts are also placed in strategic locations in the second level parking of Abu Dhabi Mall and can be seen from as far as twenty feet away.



Make the first and lasting impression, advertise on the first floor!

The first impression leaves a lasting impression goes the cliché. So when you need your advertisement to make that all important impression, then make sure to get it on these W124 Wall Mounts. These poster spaces are back lighted, making advertisements more luminous and more attention-grabbing. The W124 Wall Mounts are strategically located on the first parking floor (P1) of Abu Dhabi Mall; and can be seen from approximately twenty feet away.



Get your brand seen from as far as twenty feet away!

A backlit media space on the first parking floor (P1) of Abu Dhabi Mall. This Wall Mount has a vertical alignment, and can be seen from approximately twenty feet away by consumers. 



Get an almost 100% chance of shoppers looking at your ads!

One of the best media spaces located in the Abu Dhabi Mall car park. This Wall Mount can be found at the ground floor entrance of the escalators going to the mall – thus guaranteeing almost a 100% chance of all pedestrians looking at your advertisement. What more can you ask for in an advertising space?!



On a busy day, it takes at least 20 minutes to find a parking space. This simply means that advertisers have an extra 20 minutes to get their brand message across.

Everyone knows how hard it is to get a parking space. If there’s no available in the first level, you have to go to the second. And if there’s still no space there, you go back to the first level hoping that someone has left. Hence, Synaxis Media has placed back-lighted media spaces in the alleys connecting the two parking levels. This means, that your advertisements will surely be seen by all the consumers. 



Two-faced this display is. And of course, we mean that in a good way…and in a very literal sense. The Parking Atrium Mupi has two faces – two sides – allowing advertisements to be seen from both sides of pedestrian traffic.

This is another media space that is located near the escalators going to the mall. This large vertical space is backlit, allowing your brand to glow in the dark.



If there was a media space you can call perfect, this is it!

One of the can’t-miss-media-spaces in the Abu Dhabi Mall car park. With its combination of size (4m x 2.5m) and brightness, advertisements on this space can ensure hits from almost a hundred feet away.



Located near a bend, cars tend to slow down around this area. These few extra seconds that consumers spend looking at your advertisement is more than enough time to absorb your brand’s message.

Enter the consumers’ minds from the get-go. Strategically placed at the entrance of Abu Dhabi Mall’s parking area, this colossal media space is perfect for branding and announcing discount sales. Get the consumers excited about your brand the moment they enter the mall! Strategically located near a bend, vehicle traffic tend to slow down around this area, allowing consumers to digest the message in your advertisements.



Leave a lasting impression! As consumers exit the underground parking area, this media space makes sure that they leave with your brand’s name and message on their minds.

A perfect place for branding advertisements. Located on the exit ramp of Abu Dhabi Mall’s parking area, this large, backlit media space serves as a reminder – make that a huge reminder – to consumers about your brand as they leave the mall.



Turn your brand into a MegaStar

If our media spaces were stars in the dark universe of the Abu Dhabi Mall car park, then this W650 Wall Mount is a giant supernova. Very large and extremely bright, this media space is a must if you want your brand and advertisement to stand out.



Brand success is right around the corner

A large media space located on one of the corners of the first level parking of Abu Dhabi Mall. This space is backlit and given that it’s situated in a corner – an area where traffic slows down – your advertisements will surely get the attention that you want.



Create a buzz that’s second to none! The W685 Wall Mount is the largest media space on the second level parking

A gigantic backlit media space located on one corner of the second level parking of Abu Dhabi Mall. Consumers will surely notice your brand or advertisement while looking for a parking slot.



“…in every entrance, Synaxis Media provides you with a medium to register your brand in the consumers’ mind.”

Synaxis Media has turned Abu Dhabi Mall into one giant advertising venue. In every corner, there’s an opportunity to advertise; in every hall, atrium and alley, a space for branding; and in every entrance, a medium to register your brand in the consumers’ mind. One such example of an entrance advertising space is the W750 Wall Mount. This overhead banner is situated at the car park entrance of the Abu Dhabi Co-Operative (a hypermarket). It’s approximately seven (7) meters long, and uses backlighting to make advertisements more visible.



Catch them when they have their credit cards in hand!

If you’re heading down from the Barista Café, on the first floor of Al Wahda Mall, then you will surely get attracted to this gigantic media space. If you’re walking around Morelli’s Ice Cream outlet, or coming from Costa Cafe / Noodle House outlet, you will also notice this media space. Large and backlit, this media space provides one of the best advertising areas in Al Wahda Mall.

Size: 200cm (w) x 300cm (h)

Artwork Specifications



This media’s ability to scroll gives advertisers the opportunity to express their brand message through multiple creative executions

A few paces upon entering Al Wahda Mall, consumers will be welcomed by a huge backlit media space, sandwiched by two elevators. This media space – about the height of two men – is visible from just about everywhere in the main atrium of Al Wahda Mall (also, it is in this main atrium where events and gatherings are held).

And what’s more, advertisers have the option of placing more than one poster in this location as this media space has the ability to “scroll.”

Size: 200cm (w) x 300cm (h)

Artwork Specifications



Advertise on these Bridge Panels to get your brand, product or message to one million monthly shoppers, while they're in a state of shopping mode.

Things are looking up for your brand! A dozen horizontal backlit media spaces can be found along the bridges of Al Wahda Mall. These media spaces are visible to shoppers on both ground and first floors. Brightly lit and strategically located, they are visible from as far as thirty feet away.

Size: 400cm (w) x 150cm (h)

Artwork Specifications



If you like the attention, make sure you get your advertisements on the Indoor Mupi.

Location. Location. Location. Nothing says good advertising space than a great location. Situated on escalator landings are Synaxis Media’s Indoor Mupis, or free-standing advertising displays. These Indoor Mupis stand about two-and-a-half meters in height, with a 1.5 by 1 meter area of advertising display. There are two sides in which advertisers can place their ads in; and both sides can be backlit to make advertisements even more attention-grabbing. The best aspect of these Indoor Mupis is, of course, their location. Since they are located on escalator landings, they are in a very high traffic area. People going down the elevators see them. People going up the escalators notice them. And people simply passing by can catch a glimpse of your advertisement. So if you like the attention, make sure you get your ads on the Indoor Mupi.

Size: 80cm (w) x 120cm (h)

Artwork Specifications




Great placement is one of the pillars of advertising. Achieve it with these scrolling pillars.

Half a dozen poster-sized media spaces greet shoppers upon entering Al Wahda Mall. Positioned at eye level, each media display provides excellent sight lines for maximum visibility and awareness. Plus, backlighting creates drama and enhances the visibility of each ad.

Size: 70cm (w) x 100cm (h)

Artwork Specifications



“Over one million people pass and see our advertisements each week. Through Synaxis Media’s Scrolling Pillars, we were able to turn to shoppers into buyers.” -- Client

Are young families your target market? Then book these media spaces. Located at the main atrium of Al Wahda Mall – a shopping complex that’s frequented by young families – these media spaces can easily be seen by those strolling around, or relaxing in the nearby cafes and ice cream parlor. 

Size: 70cm (w) x 100cm (h)

Artwork Specifications



Scrolling Pillars offer Unlimited Flexibility! With this set of 12 poster spaces, advertisers can simultaneously display different messages or relay the brand message through multiple executions! 

Located on the ground floor parking entrance, near the ATM machines, Areej, Inglot, jewelry stores, and escalators to Lulu Hypermarket are these four scrolling pillars. This is one of Al Wahda Mall’s highest traffic areas as most people going to this mall visit the hypermarket.

Size: 70cm (w) x 100cm (h)

Artwork Specifications



Get three levels of glorious attention-grabbing media space!

In each of the three levels of the Al Wahda Mall Carpark stands an Outdoor Mupi – static media displays that are about two-and-a-half meters in height, with a 1.5 by 1 meter area of advertising space. Each Outdoor Mupi has two sides or “screens” in which advertisers can place their ads in; and both sides can be backlit to make advertisements appear brighter and more luminous, thereby increasing visibility.

Each Outdoor Mupi is placed along the car park level’s pedestrian walkway. This way, advertisements on the Outdoor Mupi can be seen by those coming into the malls, and by those going back to their cars and heading for home.

Size: 100cm (w) x 120cm (h)

Artwork Specifications



The W100 Wall Mount’s location provides uninterrupted sight lines in both directions, creating maximum visibility and impact.

This pair of vertical media spaces can be found just before the entrance of Al Wahda Mall parking area. They are backlit brilliantly and can be seen from approximately twenty feet away by both pedestrians, and drivers looking for parking.

Size: 100cm (w) x 180cm (h)

Artwork Specifications



Located along a high traffic area, the W120 ensures maximum number of exposures and high program reach.

These three horizontal media spaces can be found along the pedestrian walkway of the Al Wahda Mall parking. This set of media solutions provide the perfect way to engage shoppers.

Size: 160cm (w) x 120cm (h)

Artwork Specifications